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Company Services


Addenseo offers more service …

  • Support for Special Solutions
    We support our customers in the creation and implementation of innovative solutions, as well as in the developement of custom products for specific applications.
  • In-site-training
    We offer on-site training to enhance qualifications and expertise by relaying the latest product and materials developments.
    For rapid and easy exchange of information, we offer our customers and other partners gateways such as EDI, XML and others.

And more extras …

  • Metal protection systems against wear
  • special tools for technical sealing application
  • maintenance products
  • operating supplies
  • fluid solutions (Heat exchanger etc.)
  • Overcoating protection for shaft and sealing systems

Together with our customers, we detect potential flaws and determine possibilities for improvement measurable positive results in these important areas.

Increasing machinery productivity, reduction of down- time and less maintenance frequency.

Application of state-of-the-art materials and techniques, precise evaluation.

Minimization of procurement, maintenance and labor expenses.