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    Gaskets for all applications from various materials and material combinations, machined from sheets. DIN styles and special styles for most applications. For static applications: temperature: -200°C to 550°C (inert up to 3000°C possible)  |  up to 400 bar  |  pH 0 – 14 Design: sheets  |  die-formed  |  DIN styles  |  custom-made or…


ePTFE - Dichtungen

    Expanded PTFE in sheets and joints. Specialized and optimized characteristics, supreme economical and safetly sealing effects with ADDENSEO International GmbH. ePTFE in monodirectional fiber structure: excellent adjustment – compensation for uneven surfaces!  |  perfect compression stability – surface pressure up to 250 N/mm² possible! reduced cold flow – screw force retained  |  maximum…